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1 November, 2012 (HD Edition)



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The original ‘Castle Sim’, Stronghold HD allows you to design, build and destroy historical castles. Engage in medieval warfare against the AI in one of two single player campaigns or online with up to 8 players. With 21 missions to test your mettle and four renegade lords to defeat, it is up to you to reunite medieval England and take back your lands from the treacherous Rat, Pig, Snake and Wolf. Missions range from breaking sieges and capturing enemy castles to raising gold and holding off enemy attacks. Also included is a full economic campaign, requiring players to gather resources and build weapons within the time limit.


Stronghold was originally released in 2001 to critical acclaim and commercial success. Over the years the Stronghold series has grown to become one of the most enduring RTS franchises in gaming, with sales of more than 6 million.


  • Join the fight for medieval England as you drive back the forces of the villainous Wolf.
  • Design and build your very own castle, with a working economy and brutal killing zones.
  • Battle through 21 story-based missions, defending against enemy attack and dominating your foes.
  • Besiege famous historical castles in unique game modes such as “Siege That!” or build to your heart’s content in the combat-free economic campaign.
  • High resolution graphics allow you to view the entire map on a single screen.
  • Steam Cloud support for saved games.
  • Updated for Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 compatibility.




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Awards & Recognition

  • "Editors' Choice - IGN" 26 October, 2001

Selected Articles

  • "A fun and exciting entry into the RTS market."
    - IGN Staff, IGN
  • "Enough options that you'll have dozens of hours of sieges and defenses ahead of you."
    - Ron Dulin, GameSpot
  • "That map editor, along with a Free Build mode, multiplayer, various different mission types, and two different campaigns, gives Stronghold enough content and replay value to keep you engaged longer than most of today’s AAA titles."
    - CJ Miozzi, Game Front
  • "Its versatility, non-linearity and great replay value make it an excellent choice "
    - Dusan Katilovic, ActionTrip

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About Firefly Studios

Firefly Studios is an independent video game studio consisting of around 30 full and part-time staff, specialising in strategy games since 1999.

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Stronghold HD Credits

Simon Bradbury
Founder and Lead Designer, Firefly Studios

Eric Ouellette
Founder and Company President, Firefly Studios

Paul Harris
Senior Producer, Firefly Studios

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