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TOPIC: Re:stronghold 3 ideas
Britishj (User)
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stronghold 3 ideas 5 Years ago  
I have played every stronghold game to date.. Except stronghold kingdoms, and they are all good, but in my eyes it lacks customisation. Now im not saying you should implant the ability to allow players to customize and make there own building and troops that would take way to much time for a game like this, but how about letting us use our own flags? I know we could in stronghold 2 but it wasnít really fleshed out enough. What about customisable characters? Even a simple character creator to allow people to different themselves from each other can do wonders for the game play.

Let us customize our castles in these different ways to create a real sense of ownership over them. The ability to persistently level up your lord after every battle could be a feature you might want to mess around with, allowing players to give there lord different abilities that suits there own strategyís, not magic or anything like that but things like better prices at the market or the ability to call in reinforcements from another county or even just making the walls a little stronger. again I think the castles need a stronger sense of ownership, when I build a castle in stronghold 2/1 I may think itís a good castle but I donít get the sense that its my castle.

Here is a list of features that I have suggested a both and some more:

Customisable castles: flags, lords, using the flag texture on certain units and buildings.

Passive rpg elements: persistent levels that allow you to customize your lord and your castle

The ability to choose the type of castle you want with thier own advantages and disadvantages.

The option to make non controllable fighting units: say you have a small army but your not very good at micro managing when it comes to attacking other peoples castles? You will be able to put these units into an automated state, from there they will march off to attack your enemies

Customisable lords: the ability to create your own lord from pre determined models such as the armour and weapon s/he carries.

First person view: walk around your castle seeing it from the eyes of your lord.

Day and night cycles/weather

Please comment with your own ideas
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LyCkEtyOwNz (User)
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Re:stronghold 3 ideas 5 Years ago  
Well we have there currently a few of the same topics so pls post there but wtf thats the job of the mods to look @ this
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StrongholdGuy1 (User)
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Re:stronghold 3 ideas 5 Years ago  
luck, I beg you to please watch your language, "wtf" is not exactly the correct language id like to see around the forums. To give you credit however your correct, this topic has been posted already.
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Been here from the start, wont leave till the end. Or at least till im tired and want to sleep
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