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Stronghold 3 1.4.24706 Patch Notes
Friday, 18 November 2011


We have released a 1.4.24706 patch for Stronghold 3 on Steam. To download the patch, simply run your Steam client and the patch will download automatically.

View notes and a list of fixes for this patch after the jump.

Stronghold 3 v1.4.24706

  • 3 difficulty levels have been added. Easy, Normal and Hard. Some of the changes affect food consumption rates, along with troop numbers depending on the campaign you are playing.
  • New Multi-player mode King of the Hill added.
  • Several Exit game crashes fixed. This may still occur very occasionally.
  • Animals will no longer count as enemies and therefore no longer block building placement.
  • Added the ability to make buildings rotate by 45 degrees. Hold down CTRL when a building is selected and scroll the mouse wheel.
  • Sound system cache uses far less memory, which therefore means Stronghold 3 uses less overall.
  • Path finding on top of repaired walls should now function correctly.
  • Damaged walls repair correctly after loading a save.
  • Scroll wheel should now reveal all screen resolutions in the graphics options rather than having to pull slider down.
  • Several Crashes resolved.
  • Various small bug fixes.
(new) Defensive bonus giving troops on walls,towers and the armoury a defensive advantage over troops on the ground.

Please be aware save games made before patch that contain fire will crash when loaded.  Also we are aware there are still syncing issues in multiplayer which we are looking to fix for the next patch.

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