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Play Wonky Tower – Our new, free game!

Surprise! We’ve just released a new game on mobile. Developed by a small team at our London office, you can download it on your phone or tablet for free:

Download on the App Store or Get it on Google Play!


Wonky Tower: Pogo’s Odyssey is a physics-based puzzle platformer. Ever wondered how a small tower built using wooden crates, steel girders, frying pans and the odd wild animal can support the weight of a single energetic simian? Time to find out! Use wacky items and sandbox physics to construct a tower, ramp or bridge and carry your monkey to victory.

FFW WT - Shot 1 Low

Originally created during a physics-based game jam at Firefly Studios, Wonky Tower is being released to test the technical hurdles of a mobile launch while creating something that people can actually play! With many team members taking part in Ludum Dare or working on their own small games, it made perfect sense to create something fun and free for our first release on mobile.

Please Note: Wonky Tower is a fun side project independent of the core production process at Firefly. It is designed to test the mobile waters and ensure that future launches, such as that of Stronghold Kingdoms on iOS and Android, are as bug free as possible! We are still hard at work on Kingdoms and aiming for a late Summer release.

FFW WT - Shot 4 Low

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